Employability Skills training is included in every Career Program that we conduct.  We know that our mission is not complete if you attend our training but still can’t get a job.  If you complete one of our Programs you should have the skills to be Well Qualified for jobs in that Program career field.

Our Employability Training gives you the additional tools you need to effectively use Internet job sites, market yourself with a great resume and be prepared and confident for your interviews.  Most of our students are career changers seeking entry level to mid-level positions, so we concentrate our training to serve that group.  Our instructors also work with each student individually to insure they produce a great resume.

Here are some of the essential training points we cover in our classrooms and our free seminars for Workforce agencies:

  • Use a Functional Resume Format if you are a career changer to emphasize your skills, not work history
  • Use a Chronological Resume Format if you are continuing in the same or related career path
  • Prepare your resume to pass the “8 Second Test” (the average time a screener will spend trying to match your qualifications against those of the job listing)
  • The Objective line should only state the exact job title as specified in the listing
  • Tailor each resume and cover letter to the specific job listing you are applying for
  • Order your skills to match the job listing – if customer service is their first bullet, your Summary of Skills should provide that qualification in the first bullet
  • Use a one page resume, two only if you have to (8 Second Test)
  • Prepare for the interview by
    • Researching the company – use websites, yellow pages, employees
    • List likely questions and practice answering (“Why do you think you are qualified for this position?”)
    • Prepare for small talk (“Did you have any trouble finding us?”
  • Dress for an interview (prove you want the job)
    • Suit and tie for men and shined shoes
    • Conservative colored dress or slacks for ladies
    • Conservative jewelry (no piercings)
    • NO perfumes or cologne
  • Be on time – scout the route (factor in rush hour traffic if appropriate)
  • Be confident – they invited you
  • Get the interviewer’s business card or email address
  • Immediately send an email to thank the interviewer (be the first)