Success Stories

“BizTech was exactly what I needed to reenter the workplace.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You made all of the difference!“

Barbara Van Voorhis Williams
Qualified Property Management


“...the confidence I have gained has really seen me through the hardest part of the last year of being unemployed.“

Susan Cureton
Payroll Specialist
Lincare, Inc.


“Thank you - Thank you!!  I would not have been able to start my new career without the training I received from BizTech.“

Lynette Barendse
Assistant Bookkeeper
Wright Way Consulting, Inc.


“It is a great school, and I looked forward to going there every day. It is also the only school that I really felt helped me.“

Charles Capdevielle
Call Center Representative
H & R Block


“I really enjoyed the training I received from BizTech.“

Barbara Simpson
Office Clerk
AirPro Westcoast Air Conditioning


“I loved being at BizTech.“

Vanessa Durbin
Cutomer Service Representative
Allstate Roadside Assistance


“I thank all of the staff and management for being so supportive and understanding.  What a great bunch of people. “

Charlene Conklin
Accounts Payable Specialist
Diversified Maintenance


“The training from BizTech gave me the confidence to get my business software certifications.“

Sonia Gray

Business Software Instructor
BizTech Career Centers


“The medical office software I learned will help me as well as the customer service skills.  I am thankful to my teachers at BizTech."

Stacey Johnston
Medical Receptionist
Wallen Chiropractic


"...BizTech is the best and I would highly recommend the school to others!"

Cassie Gittens

PC Helpdesk Technician
Senior HomeCare


“...without my QuickBooks Certification I would not have been offered the position...Thank you to everyone at BizTech and WorkNet.“

Jamie Standaert
Receptionist & Bookkeeper
WorkNet Pinellas/Flashbacks


“My QuickBooks Certification helped me land the job out of 172 applicants.“

Sherry Reed

Accounting Assistant
Gulfcoast Software Solutions


“Thank You BizTech, you have opened the door for a New Life. “

Alicia Diaz
Customer Service Representative
Tech Data


“Everything I’ve learned here at BizTech has been apposite to my job.  BizTech has been an awesome training experience.“

Sharonda Kegler
Behavioral Health Care Technician





“Even if I hadn't been offered a job, my experience at BizTech was absolutely beneficial and enjoyable.“

Tammy Madrishin
Operations Assistant
BizTech Career Centers


“BizTech treated me with respect in spite of the challenging circumstances and situation in which I found myself. “

Beth Ireland
Licensing Specialist
American Insurance Administrators


“I highly recommend the school to anyone who seeks employment,  You have to be computer savvy or you simply will not be employed.“

Carol Anderson,
Store Manager
Tuesday Morning


“Having the certification certainly looked good on the resume.”

Dan Herzog,
Marketing Assistant
Medicaid and Financial Services


BizTech provided me GREAT training!  My training at BizTech will help me get the next step up in my new career. 

Debra White,
Retail Sales Consultant


“...I will be working on the actual campaigns as a manager so my Excel and QuickBooks will be very useful.“

Diana Grasiano
Direct Marketing Representative
Pro Source Marketing


“You can ask anyone a question and it will be answered.  They take their time with each individual and want you to understand what you are learning.   A happy place to attend!!!”

Donna Montgomery
Greeter/Admin Assistant
Career Central


“BizTech was a great life experience.“

Erica Mahnke
Sales Representative
Interactive Study Systems


“The skills I learned at Biztech strengthened the Word skills I already had, and the Excel and QuickBooks skills made me more employable.  Thanks to all of you at BizTech for your help and friendship!” 

Gloria Moranski,
Administrative Assistant 1
Central Florida Institute


“The education I received was very thorough and has given me the confidence I needed to go along with my new skills.”

Kimberly Hamilton
Largo Medical Center


“The skills I learned at BizTech definitely helped me get the job, especially the Excel Training. “

Manny Guevara
Site Manager
Harvard Maintenance


“The one thing that stands out is that the BizTech staff bent backwards to help me achieve my goals and without them, I would not be where I am now.”

Melodi Champine
Business Software Instructor
BizTech Career Centers


“They have shown me how to dream big and turn it into reality.  That is exactly what I plan on doing.” 

LaToya Pierce,
TeleSales Support Assistant
Progress Energy


“I got my job with the help of my friends at BizTech.”

Rochelle Hooke
Administrative Assistant
Cby25 Initiative


“I would recommend everyone come to this school. “

Shanese Napper
Teachers Aid
Head Start, Dunedin

  “I feel like I am at the top of the highest mountain now!!!”
Shannon Piazza,
Sales Associate
Interactive Study Systems

“The training I received at Biztech was instrumental in securing this position because a main requirement was expertise in MS Word and Excel.  My skills with MS Word, Excel and Outlook will be used on a daily basis.”

Steven Kulikowski
Accountant II
FL Dept. Of Veterans' Affairs


“I owe my interview techniques to BizTech and the Employability Class that they give. I had confidence, knowledge and marketing skills.”

Tammy Day
Hernando County Hospice


“My new skills in Microsoft Office definitely helped me get my job.  I will be using everything I learned from Excel and Word to typing.  I believe that BizTech was a great choice for me.

Tracie Raguso,
Payroll Clerk/Receptionist

Marvin Hauesler Interiors, Inc  

“They helped me update my resume and also helped look for jobs that would pay well based on my experience and new skills.  I would recommend BizTech to high school or college grads, or anyone looking to improve their skills and advance very rapidly.”  

Devi Harilal,
Accounts Receivable Clerk
Wells Fargo Investment


“I thank God I was given this opportunity.  I believe this is my new beginning.”

Frank Hernandez
Business Data Analyst


“The courses, instructors and staff were excellent.  They totally prepared me for the MOS Tests.”

Brandi Wainscott,


“I feel the school helped me tremendously to gain both cyber skills and confidence in myself”

Donna DiBernardo,
Assistant Counselor
PAR/Cossa II


“The instructors’ working knowledge of their subjects was extraordinary and fundamental in the learning of their respective Programs.  They went out of their way to ensure that a student didn’t get left behind.”

Errol Converse
Senior Support Professional
Stream Technology


“This school really has an attentive and caring staff who are truly interested in each individual student.”

Fern White,
Claims/Customer Service Representative


“This was the best training I have ever had – bar none.  I’m definitely going to put it to work.”

Gary Rice,
Help Desk Technician
Computer Generated Solutions


“I don’t think I could have done it without you all.  I feel sure of myself and my skills now.  I can only go up from here.”

Japera Miller
Contact Representative
PSCU Financial Service


“I tell people I meet regularly about BizTech.  It has made such a positive difference in my change to a new career.”

Darrel Pugh
ISP Tech
Cavalier Phone


“I am very confident and at ease with computers due to the professionalism of all the wonderful staff and teachers.”

JP Ostrica,
Regional Sales Manager
Strait-Flex International


“The training I received at BizTech helped me get my new position.  I will be putting those skills and my improved typing ability to good use.”

Kim Bryant,
Sales Associate
The Flyer


“The training was fun and enlightening, and it was so in depth and hands on that the knowledge will stay with me throughout my professional and personal life.”

Lisa MacDonald,
MIS Specialist
WorkNet Pinellas


“The school and staff are excellent.  They taught me a lot.” 

Marie Derogene,
Medical Technician
Retina Institute


“I look forward to impressing my new boss with my new skills.  Thank you BizTech. “

Marilyn Nunez,
Client Coordinator
Lampert’s Home Therapy


“Hard times are now turned into times of pride.  It is a wonderful school!”

Shree Givens,
Contact Representative
PSCU Financial Service


“BizTech prepared me to accept and meet the challenges of the new millennium in the workplace as well as personally.”

Michael Saylor,
Customer Service/Dispatching Agent
Super Shuttles


“The training on all of the Microsoft Office software will be very beneficial to me in my new position.  The helpful and positive attitudes from everybody at school certainly made a difference.  I really enjoyed my experience here.”

Nina Williams
Administrative Assistant
Common Capital Corporation


“What I learned in school did help me get my job.  I will certainly use all of the skills I learned, like using mail merges.  They do them all the time at the bank. BizTech was a wonderful place to be and learn many new things.

Patty Sadiku,
Personal Banking Assistant Teller
Northern Trust Bank


“I was really surprised and pleased with how nice the school’s facility is.”

Reina Bell,
Van Ru Credit Corporation


“The instructors were excellent…always willing to provide the extra help I needed.”

Robin Spencer,
MIS Specialist
WorkNet Pinellas


”Without this training, I don’t believe I would have been offered this position.”

Richard Wilder,
Remedy Engineer
Strategic Technologies


“The training definitely helped me get my job and I will be using the skills I learned (Word, Excel, Outlook & Customer Service) in my new position.  This school was wonderful.  All of the teachers are excellent.”

Ryan Avaritt,
Nurse Tech
SunCoast Hospital


“The training I received at BizTech was wonderful.  The teachers are really concerned for the students to succeed.  This was the best learning experience I have received.” 

Sarah Miller,
Assistant Manager
Yum Brands Pizza Hut


“Since high school I have studied at four community colleges, three universities and BizTech was my third vocational school.  Of it all, BizTech was the best.” 

David Schnell,
Loan Counselor
Student Financial Solutions


“The School was all I had hoped for.  Without their support and training I might still be unemployed.”

Shelda Lockwood,
Full Charge Bookkeeper
N.E.D. Enterprises, LLC


“I will certainly be using my new skills in typing and Microsoft Excel at my new job.  BizTech is a great school and the all of people there are cool!”

Staci Crawford,
Ticket Sales Agent
Centerplate /Devil Rays


“All the support and understanding will now, and into the future benefit not only me but anyone coming through those doors.” 

Tanya Leddon,
Sound Advice


“The training program I went through was incredible.  When I started the program I barely knew how to get my email and since my completion I can use all the Microsoft programs extensively.”

Yvette Weiss,
WIA Career Specialist
Goodwill Industries


“I learned a lot from being a student at BizTech.  Besides the obvious knowledge, I learned how to be a team player and be accountable on a regular basis.” 

Wendy Zeff,
Customer Service Representative
Morcent’s Imports and Exports, Inc.


“I will definitely be using many of the skills I learned.  We use Excel spreadsheets to track our work in my new office.  I really enjoyed my time at BizTech. “

Yolanda Adams,
PPC Specialist-Internet Operations
Idearc Media Corporation


“All the teachers and staff at BizTech were always so pleasant and made us feel important as far as building confidence in each of us!”

Barbara Farland,
Small Business Owner
49er Florida Market & E-Bay


“If it weren't for the training at BizTech I would not have been given the chance.”

Barbara Sajewski,
Desktop Support Representative


“I appreciate all the help and mental support that the staff at BizTech provided for me.  It helped me feel that I can be successful at anything I put my mind to.”

Demetria Walker,
Customer Service Representative


“The new skills I learned gave me the confidence to look for a new career in fields that I never thought I had a chance at.  I found that new career and the sky is the limit on where I go from here.”

Michael Coats,
Customer Service Representative
Human Healthcare


“BizTech is an extraordinary school and I have, and will continue to recommend the school to everyone with the desire to succeed.”

Marius D. Sloan,
Clerical Specialist
Randstad Staffing Service


“Maneuvering through the computer and knowing how and where to find all the applications necessary to do my job is going to be a breeze, thankfully because of BizTech.”

Wendy Storer,
Medical Office Clerk
West Coast Neurology


“I feel that I would have never been able to find this job had I not gotten the quality computer education I received at BizTech.”

William D. Hall,
Local Dispatcher
ComTrack Intermodal Logistics


“Thank you – thank you!!  I could not have been able to start my new career without the training I received from BizTech.”

Lynette Barendse
Assistant Bookkeeper
Wright Way Consulting, Inc.


“My QuickBooks certification helped me land the job out of 172 applicants.”

Sherry Reed
Accounting Assistant
GulfCoast Software Solutions


“The training from the teachers was helpful, structured, and knowledgeable. They wanted the students to succeed.  Now, as an instructor, I am a part of a great team who will strive to help students have more success stories.”

Sonia Gray
Business Applications Instructor
BizTech Learning Centers


“I will be using my Program Skills at my new job.  I loved being at BizTech.”

Vanessa Durban
Customer Service Representative
Allstate Roadside Assistance


“I would recommend the school to anyone who wants to learn Microsoft!  The instructors are all Certified, very knowledgeable, patient, helpful and compassionate. They have state of the art hardware and current software.”

Tammy Madrishin
Operations Assistant
BizTech Learning Centers


“I tell people I meet regularly about BizTech.  It has made such a positive difference in my change to a new career.”

Darrel Pugh
ISP Tech
Cavalier Phone


“I think BizTech is a superb organization, well run, thoroughly trained professional teachers who are very supportive AND understanding.” 

Kathy Pabst Robshaw,
Total Telephone Effectiveness Company


“The skills you will learn here will bring great opportunities.” 

Aliysha Jackson,
Clerk Typist
Florida Department of Children and Families